Monday, August 5, 2013

If I could have 1 Super Power...

I am linking up again with Becky and talking about the one Super Power I would chose if ever given the opportunity. Man, I could think of so many amazing super powers, but I think if I could chose one it would be to become invisible when I want. This seems to be a common requests from other momma's as well, and a great one I must say.

I am not too much of a dare devil, so I don't think I would like flying.

I thought I would like to be psychic, but geesh there are probably some things I do not want to know.

I though about freezing time, which would be amazing, but then what about the moments I would miss out on because of time being frozen.

I have always been curious, some may say nosey, some may say I am a snoop, but I would like to call it curious and I do it openly. I don't sneak and look in my husbands phone, I grab it and make sure we have open communication, lol. I do not like surprises, I want to know everything about everyone, I wonder when friends gossip about other friends,  well "heck, what do they say about me". I am always, always thinking. Not only would being invisible now make all of these things easier, but gosh, it would make it so much easier in the future to spy on my kids and make sure they are safe and not getting into too much trouble, lol.

Don't worry, I would be a friendly ghost.

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